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A character for the pitch bible to Cartoon Hangover I'm working on. Zoltac, this little nightmare is a member of the esteemed red cape police department. He likes to think he's streetwise and mr. cool guy but believe me; He isn't. Zoltac has the BIGGEST little man syndrome and makes up for his height by being super awesome, talented at everything, and the coolest cop dealing with magic this side of Elwood. (Not really)
So, I suppose I should preface this message with an explanation for the title. I've graduated from university. I went to Glyndwr University in Wrexham at the North Wales School of Art & Design. I focused mainly on 2d Animation and character design, and I came out with a 2:1. I now am a animation degree fella. I'm back in mid wales now and i want to go back to being a bit more present on the internet. I've decided on many things.

I'm learning Toonboom and Flash a lot more, so look forward to seeing new animations.
I want to learn new programs; Sai, Photoshop etc. Things that can help me learn new skills. I have been stuck to vector for far too long.
And i'm also going to start focusing on learning some 3D artwork. Let's call this pre-new year resolutions. But with actual intent.

Despite my past with shifting character designs, focusing on concepts too much and not getting shit done. I will make one more account change. (Though it is cool having a username with 4 letters. DA Veteran for the win!) I have moved to jabberGhost:iconjabberghost: so please watch me there for further work.

Here are some questions to answers you MIGHT have if you've kept up.

Are you still working on Total Drama?
No. I am not going to do it. I had a lot of concepts, ideas, characters. And sometimes I get all built up just wanting to MAKE this story be told, I loved the positive reaction it got, the inclusion of the fanbase and the character driven stories. It was fun! But it wasn't original, and it only seems to fester up again when the show seems to be back in action. So to avoid this. Pia vs Joseph was the intent for the finale. Based on the Conspiracy theorist VS The Government. It was all to have a theme of crop circles in the countryside. And a lot of fun cute, ideas. I won't mention too much because I have a wonderful habit of recycling unused ideas into better new things. (little red which is still in works, i think ruby has black hair now? idfk)

When is Little Red coming out?
I don't know. Little Red is an idea that has evolved. I keep wanting it to be perfect. At first it was...iunno some total drama characters fight monsters cause i love paranormal stuff. Then it was a university story with monsters. Then i incorporated a lot of mythology, story and themes of little red riding hood into it. Then i put it forward to cartoon hangover, they mentioned they liked it and i'm to submit more to them. So i realised it needed a real PREMISE. After watching Over The Garden Wall (Which was amazing) I would like the format to be sort of a mini story. So no matter the format, i'm working on it. Just look forward to average art from me for a bit. Then maybe i can work on other ideas for concepts i've had (Big Blue, Vast Green. Whee i have a theme).

Where are your university animations?
Not important. They were awful. Nuff said.

What else are you doing?
I'm also a voice actor now online. I'll be uploading a voice demo reel soon enough and i voice Jake English in CoLab's Let's Read: Homestuck. I'm also Pj in Let's Read: Paranatural and I have a couple of other minor voice roles coming up. Fun times.

Anyways, thanks for being cool and i'll hopefully catch y'all on the other side.

Peace out!

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