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Mido Ringer
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United Kingdom
So you may have noticed I've been absent lately! I could bore you with the many cascading reasons why productivity with my various projects is dwindling, but the gist is my laptop snapped in half. So digital work is off the table until I can raise money for a new one!

I've had a lot of notes and questions regarding my digital work, so here's a quick FAQ update for y'all!

Are you still working on Total Drama College?

Yes! We are, however the majority of work needed is all digital, so TDC is on a production hiatus until I get a laptop. I'm determined to get TDC done for a multitude of reasons; a sense of completion for a project that has carried me through the largest part of my artistic growth, to appease the many people who have followed me faithfully over the years, and mostly because we don't take it too seriously! Total Drama fan seasons are a surprisingly good creative exercise, they don't have many constraints and are great ways to practise character coneptualization and well timed story telling. The challenge is making everyone appear like they could stay in the story until the end, balancing screentime and essentially creating a large cast of titular characters. It's really quite fascinating if you break it apart. The style is simplistic and very expressionate, and the puppet model building allows for quick production once the assets are done. Tooch and I like working on TDC because we don't really have to hold ourselves to a high standard making it, we still care, but we do it for the most fun without pressuring ourselves with originality or the usual anxieties working on original concepts can cause.

Are you open for Commissions?

Always. Though at the moment it's sketch or sprites since that's all I have access to making for now. I know most of my commission work is based around my Homestuck and Total Drama style imitators, I'm hoping to work more on original art pieces when I get back to digital work. Ground myself as an artist with a prominent individual style. I also can't stop drawing gemsonas. I'll have to make some Steven Universe pics when I'm back online.

What the hell is going on with Little Red, what is it? Why? What? Ruby?

Okay! So Little Red has been my original project baby for a very long time. I've been reworking it and reworking it for years now. And trust me, it's changed in every single way to the point where it doesn't remotely resemble it's original iteration in anyway whatsoever.

When I first started working on Little Red, I wanted to work on an original concept with Total Drama College's character, Ruby as the main character. Ruby was based off of a friend I had during college, Rosie. I've always enjoyed reading into mythology, ghost stories and the supernatural, so this was always going to be a large part of the concept. Initially, Little Red was a story about Ruby Hoffman, an awkward 18 year old girl starting university and discovering she can see ghosts. She opens a portal releasing all the ancient myths that had been sealed in the past and alongside her friends, Lulu and Connor, they were to go on ghostly university adventures. This was short lived when I realised that the awkward, relatable girl who fights ghosts trope has been done. To. DEATH.

Little Red got benched for a while until I could think of a better concept. I spent a long time wondering what sort of story would really resonate with me. Something I could really throw myself into. I knew I wanted this idea to be surrounded by nature seeing as I grew up in the deep countryside in a town very influenced by celtic mythology and the preservation of nature itself (It's full of hippies and farmers!). I eventually came up with an idea that kind of worked like Fairy Tale Preservation, where Ruby & Co would make sure fairy tales would happen the way they were supposed to. Like Time Squad, but with fairy tales. It was an idea I worked with for a short while. Lulu became a more minor character and characters like Zoltac (A small gremlin character developed from a fantroll. Seriously.) and Jack (A replacement for Connor, a lanky tree draiad with a leaf for a nose) became the supporting cast for Ruby. Eventually I realised this concept was hard to work with, boxed my ideas in and meant every chapter/episode would have to be a parody of an existing story. I didn't like the constraints. when explaining the concept to a friend, I decribed it as like "kind of..magic police?". Instantly I realised that Magic Police was a much better idea all round.
My friend Alex has been kicking my arse as hard as she can lately to develop Little Red to a point where I can start, and since I've lost internet access I've been really working on Little Red with it's Magic Police storyline.

 Little Red takes place in a modern day world where magic always existed. The world is heavily influenced by celtic, pagan and fairytale themes aesthetically and functionally speaking. Due to magic existing, curses, hexes and all sorts of mayhem can occur and humans have split into hundreds of subspecies such as gnomes, gremlins, nymphs etc. You can meet an ogre, or maybe some guy has a broom for a head or someone is completely human looking until you realise they were originally a stump, these things happen and nobody really bats an eyelid. With so much chaos in the world, the police force are trained in dealing with magic issues too, afterall, like everything else, the use of magic has laws. They're known as the Capes. Each area of Capes is differentiated not just by how they deal with things, but by the colour of their cape too. We follow the Red Capes, in the heart of the countryside. This is where main character Ruby Hoffman has just been assigned to start her role as a Red Cape Constable.…
Ruby is a passionate and commited officer of the law. Her entire life she's wanting nothing more than to be the shining example of justice and correct behavior for her community. She has a very black and white mentality; There is good and bad, there is right and wrong and there is crime and...erm..NOT CRIME, you FIEND! Ruby is the kind of person who will have formulated an opinion about anything and everything, even if she has just this moment heard of whatever she's pouring misguided opinions all over. Being an extreme workaholic, she has issues "switching off" and has never really developed many social skills "Who needs friends when you were top snitch in school?". Being very new to the Red Capes, she has a lot to learn and has some great new amigos to show her how to slow down, enjoy the nature of the town and how to chill out and have some fun once in a while!…
Zotac is a little nightmare. Well, actually he's a gremlin. Or. Well. He's SOMEthing. Whatever he is, his species doesn't really age or grow, leaving Zoltac somewhat stunted. Though over the age of 18, Zoltac hasn't really matured the same way people do through aging, he has the mind of a child, though he likes to pretend he's going through his angsty teenage years mentally. Often speaking in the third person, he's very egotistical and prone to using every opportunity to big himself up as a hardened crooked cop. He's a lot softer hearted than he likes to let on and despises being called cute, which is unfortunate because Zoltac is objectively the cutest character in Little Red. Zoltac gets excited by rollercoasters, explosions, guns and anything dangerous. Basically, he lives to be the bad boy, which can sometimes be hard to portray from your booster seat. On the plus side, Zoltac's lack of tact and blatant disregard for emotions can actually help keep people in check, like his half brother, Jack who is well known for melodrama.…
Jack's a handy guy! He's also a tree-man. Well, technically a tree draiad, hence the leaf nose. Jack is very much that one person in a group of friends who seems almost a little too normal until you get to know them. He's fairly quiet and prefers to keep to himself and spends most of his free time tinkering and doing DIY around the cottage or for residents of the town. He's happy to help! Infact all he really ever wants to do is help. He's a large fan of things being put in the right place, correct behavior, etiquette and things being done by the book. If anything doesn't go the way it should, his whole world falls apart and he begins the melodrama (Moaning, panicking, flapping his limbs in a variety of directions). His ambition is to become a detective for the capes, a role that fits him nicely due to his keen eye for detail and love of doing paperwork (his own and everybody elses). He is Zoltac's older half brother, and the more mature of the two; constantly correcting Zoltac in his behavior and rationalizing most radical situations Zoltac comes up with. Where Zoltac is brash and tactless, Jack is careful and thoughtful. The two are on both ends of the scale with Ruby's inclusion to balance both out.

So that's the skinny on Little Red! Lotta work on timeline, world building, how magic works, beings called titans and character arcs. Whee!

If you have any questions, leave a comment! And as always thanks for sticking with me! c:


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